Have you ever sat and watched a hamster spin on a hamster wheel? Its little legs running faster and faster until the poor thing falls off, heart pounding out of its chest? Well hello, I’m Dani and I have had a hamster wheel in my head since the minute I found out I was pregnant with my 21 year old son.

Over the years the hamster wheel has spun in different directions as my thoughts grew with both of my children. Is it really safe to feed him peanut butter now that he’s 2? Is the babysitter going to forget to cut his grapes in half? What if he doesn’t pass kindergarten? Will the other kids like him? Will he make the team? The wheel spun non-stop.

Fast forward to early July, 2018. My sons are both young adults, one in college and one about to leave me for college. Now I have a whole new world of things to worry about. Checking his location… where is he? It’s 3am, why isn’t he home yet? Who is he with? What if he doesn’t get up in time for his exam? And my youngest is about to move 4 hours away from his mommy. Don’t even get me started on where my mind wandered when I thought about my “baby” going off on his own.

You get the picture, my head has had a 3 ring circus inside it and has been open for business 24/7 for almost 22 years!

Enter CBD oil and its availability in WI. I’ve been intrigued for months. I’ve read about it, talked about it, studied up on it and even watched my youngest take some. He found it online and took it to help rebuild his immunity after battling a long 3+ month bout with mono. But, could it really help me?

Let me tell you people, it might be easier to tell you what it can’t do for you! My neighbor sold me a bottle of Zilis Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (Ultra Cell) on July 19, 2018. It took me awhile to even work up the nerve to spend the money on myself and my sanity, but had I known that it would stop that wheel as quickly as it did, I would have paid her double the first time she mentioned it!

The constant spinning is gone and there is a calm that I haven’t felt since I graduated from college and was offered my first teaching job. There’s a new found clarity, as if a fog is shifting away. My youngest, who is also taking UltraCell, and I are communicating on a different level. Our talks are respectful and kind, rather than hasty and argumentative. My head no longer hurts. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I’m writing this at 12:45 am and though I do like to sleep in in the morning, I don’t have a problem getting up like I used to. Even my sore hip feels better. My mind is completely blown by this fact.

This tiny little bottle of CBD oil is changing my life! Stay tuned for updates as I continue my journey with UltraCell and feel free to explore this site and see what UltraCell can do to change your life too!