It’s been a very busy couple of weeks since I last wrote.

In my life, I have always looked for inspiration. When I met and fell in love with my husband, he inspired me to follow my dream and become a teacher. We both transferred schools to be together and I worked hard to accomplish my dream of working with high school kids. But, that dream was quickly squashed when the harsh reality of school politics came into play. Too bad college doesn’t prepare you for that!

My kids have always inspired me. I have always looked to be the best mom I could be by choosing what was right for myself and them at any given time. Sometimes it meant staying home for a couple of years, sometimes it meant picking up a part-time job here and there to get out and talk to other adults, mainly so that I didn’t lose my sanity.

But the last couple of years I’ve really struggled to find inspiration. I was bouncing between a few part-time jobs that didn’t allow creativity and I have been bored. Add in everybody asking me what I was going to do now that I was going to be a empty-nester and it was enough to send me into hiding.

My hobbies pre-CBD? FBI Mom Stalking (that’s a real thing you know!), lunching with my besties, planning redecorating that never happens, shopping for things I can’t afford and therefore won’t purchase…you get the picture. Oh and I’m also a registered substitute teacher (well, in theory). I will never, ever take another sub job as long as I live, thankyouverymuch!

Lightbulb moment on July 17th! UltraCell is made by Zilis and that wonderful neighbor that introduced me to UltraCell, well she invited me to go with her to her very first Zilis meeting. We both sat in the meeting dumbfounded as we listened to people and their stories. Talk about inspiration!

I’m a thinker, so I think it came as a shock to my husband when I came home and I told him that I was going to save the world by sharing UltraCell with them. Think about it…how many people do you know in your life that are in pain or have anxiety or have a relative that’s suffering? Easy, right? It was after 10pm and I was signing a contract to be an Ambassador with Zilis.

The next day, I called one of the smartest people I know, someone that would listen and either tell me I was nuts or she would applaud my decision…

I’d like to introduce, my dear Aunt Wendy from Little Rock, Arkansas, one of Zilis’ newest Ambassadors! It didn’t take much convincing, she researched the company like crazy, then studied CBD, then we talked and texted for hours and she came to the same conclusion as me…UltraCell is the Gold Standard of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. She can’t wait to share it with Little Rock, Arkansas and beyond! To get in touch with her, just fill out the form below:

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